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Boots / Shoes

Matty H

I've had enough of these so called "waterproof" shoes and boots. Karrimor and Regatta around the £25 - £30 mark are the worst. Not only do the soles wear and split really quickly - but I've even had a pair leak the first time I've ever worn them /emoticons/smile.png

So decided to spend a bit more today on some Goretex ones - here's hoping for dry feet all the time.

What do you lads wear and are they any good?




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Greenock, Scotland
I've been here so many times with various boots, I used to use some from straus direct, but they had a badge on the sole that kept popping out leaving a big gaping hole, so just stopped buying them. After trying loads of other shoes, from expensive ones to just buying a few pairs of cheap ones expecting them to wear. I eventually settled on Ambler steel boots.

I buy these from a local tool merchant, but you should be able to get them online...


I would swear by these, they wont split, get holes in them, or fall apart, a pair of these last longer than any other boot I have bought, and are a reasonable price, considering the type of boots they are. They are waterproof and are steel toe-caped.



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for warm waterproof comfy boots you need goretex pro army boots £35 free p&p they're sold as used but that means they've been worn once or brand new for about £50 british military surplus store on ebay, ive been over my ankles in mud & water in these no problem

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