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Discussion in 'Advertising Offline/Online & Canvassing' started by Catherine, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Catherine

    Catherine Guest

    Guys im just putting the article up that I wrote, if it helps anyone I will be pleased - its as simple as that. Not looking for business, but hope I am offering an insight to commercial stuff - If anyone decides to go down the rout of outsoucing particular things. Not for business I assure you.

    Outsourcing Telemarketing - Is it for you?
    Here in the UK, the cleaning industry operates in a variety of forms. From the large national outfits through to regional enterprises, each with it’s preferential client base and perhaps, niche market. At the regional level, and more aptly the local market, businesses range from medium size groups through to the heart of British enterprise – the man with the van.
    For the larger companies, telemarketing has become part and parcel of the business model and many have their own, dedicated marketing teams employed, in-house by the company or group. Whilst our man with the van would probably relish the thought of a steady flow of new contracts on tap, in reality, without serious investment in the business it is likely that the van or themselves would eventually conk out. The ambitious individual could always recklessly invest all in to the company without considering the consequences, lose everything and then gain a leading role with one of the world banks – but that’s another story!
    For the small, or smallish businesses wishing to steadily grow, outsourced telemarketing may well provide a solution. Outsourcing may assist the companies wishing to move away from domestic contracts and expand in to the commercial market, or for those wishing to expand their existing client base in to new territories. Outsourcing for the domestic market is a possibility via the telephone, however data for domestic can be very expensive
    To many of these companies, the use of telesales as a marketing tool is something of a new concept but is one that is becoming more popular and accepted. For those unsure of it’s worth, outsourcing offers a low commitment service – many of our clients initially start with a trial of a few hours in order to test the water. This permits them to get a feel of the service without a major investment.
    Companies using outsourced services remain in control, they can pick and choose the hours required and areas targeted. This is especially important for companies wishing for a steady growth rate and not falling in to the “run before you can walk” scenario.
    There are some important factors that may need to be considered before approaching outsourcing services. One of the first questions a new client often asks us is “What’s the success rate? This is a big unknown and although this may be a UK phenomenon, we have found that success is very much an area dependent, probably based on the local economy and how saturated the market is within the region. This is one of the reasons for initially effecting a trial.
    Another factor to be considered is the fact that people do not generally like change. If a company has been using the same window cleaner for the last 15 years and they are happy with their performance, a discounted service will not normally sway the decision maker – it’s a loyalty thing!
    All in all, for prospective clients unsure if the service is right for them, we feel that they should talk to people who have used a similar service for promoting their cleaning business.

    Like I say guys just sharing my experiences, not after business, but its a guide if you want to outsource a sales force