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Had a good one last Saturday. I was working away with the Radio in one ear playing some mellow Saturday morning music and my arms were busy washing the Windows.... I was happy as could be... the Sun was shining and i thought that the day felt good!!!... Then... A couple of young children came out into the back garden and started playing on a swing and all seemed ok to me... After a few minutes they started to ask me my name... which progressed into 20 questions... I thought to myself... No worries... two more windows too clean and I'm on my merry way... Finished the final window, turned around and one of them had put all my scrim cloths from my back pack into my bucket with a nice layer of Sand all over them... Grrrhhhh!!!! (Next time I think I will try and avoid them children)



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Niiiice. Best thing to do in that situation is drive home slap them in washer and in an hour or so you could be back out, lovely days dry cloths brill. I can leave mine on a wing mirror as I do a job and they dry.

Sucks though. What you do?


Matty H

I just threaten to "soak" them if they come anywhere near me when I have a pole in my hand ha ha little brats!!!

Can you tell I don't have kids lol /emoticons/smile.png



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when you soap the window up you can draw pictures in it, kids love it, i used to do a face sticking his tongue out sadly im all wfp now so i cant do it, but i still get em running from window to window following the brush, cant wait for summer so i can start spraying them

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