Commercial Tyres for van

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by Jake, Jul 31, 2015.

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  1. Jake

    Jake Grand Master

    Aug 17, 2014
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    Had mot done yesterday - failed!

    Nothing too major just the roll bar linkage and a rear brake drum imbalance,

    Chatting to my mot guy (family friend but doesn't ever just 'put' the car/van through) and he was saying he's surprised I haven't got commercial tyres on my connect, he said he couldn't understand why ford don't put commercial tyres on vans with payloads up to nearly a tonne?

    Normal road tyres aren't really supposed to handle the weight...

    Anyone use commercial tyres?

    I'm not particularly worried, but if they are the same price as normal tyres I may well invest in some
  2. Damo

    Damo Grand Master

    Jul 1, 2015
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    On smaller vans it wouldn't bother me as much but i have never scrimped on tyres.

    Owned a few "hot hatches" and never went in for the whole "lets by 18 inch wheels and put ditchfinders on them"

    Transit custom suffers with MASSIVE tyre wear if you don't use proper rated tyres.

    Current tyres are on 14k and coming up to be replaced.

    I have a read a few comments online. Fit rubbish tyres and get 5-8k and they just scrub out.