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Conservatory clean


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Hi just wondering and after tips please how best to clean a conservatory roof that has a window where the leaves and debris get caught on top of it.


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Tricky one that, you could use the apropriate equipment to get up on the roof and get up close and personal with the problem. (Not for me.) Or if you have a gutter vac that may be of some use, otherwise it's just what you can hook out with a pole.



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Yes not always the easiest of things to do we give them a good scrub obviously blind as you cannot see above the vent window then we give it a good blast with the garden hose and then look from inside the conservatory through the glass to see what it’s looking like repeat as nessasary 


Davy G

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We use wfp, a short extending ladder and a top quality telescopic ladder so we can see what we're doing. We protect the gutter from the ladders with a short length of scaffold pole cushion sleeve. First we empty the gutter. Then we spray soapmix through the pole from a dedicated backpack on a sack trolley. Let it dwell for a few minutes. Starting at the top of the crest. Re-wet the whole roof from the backpack as we go with a few more short blasts to keep it wet. Massage it well in, keep it wet. Connect pole to customer's outside water supply and give a thorough wash and rinse from the top down. For the conservatory roof window we build a good reservoir of water above it to help flush out the moss and dirt. Swipe the brush vigorously from side to side several times with the brush angled to hook back under the top frame to swipe the crud on to the neighbouring panels where it's easier to see and to get to it. Work the brush up and down each side of the window frame to clear the channels (we like long bristles).  Full flow the whole time. Thoroughly wash above the window and down the channels a few more times, you'd be amazed how much crud will be trying to hide around the window. Wash and rinse the rest of the roof. Soapwash the outside of the gutter and everything below it with some soapmix, though this doesn't usually need to be quite as soapy as the roof. Make sure everything is washed and rinsed thoroughly from top of crest down to the sills and everything in between.  Put away everything out of the way except for the pole or poles. Connect to the pure water and give a final rinse to all glass to remove tap water.

Job done. Final check over. Get the customer to take a look while we're still on site. All good. Collect payment and head to next job or home.

That's how we do it.
Most take about an hour or a little longer with two of us working.

We don't ever price for a conservatory roof. We put the customer right on that straight away. We price for a full soapwash on the whole conservatory, top to bottom (plastic and glass). You wouldn't ask someone to wash just the roof of your car. Where else is the dirt going to go but down on the rest of it?

Hope that helps.

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