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Customers Explanation letter regrading wfp

mark m

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The Water fed pole system

Your windows have been cleaned today using a method, which will soon be the industry standard. As a company wanting to be at the forefront of our industry, we have decided to invest in this technology which involves the use of telescopic poles and 100% pure water, which we filter through de-ionisation vessels.

We are embracing this technology for a number of reasons

1). Better cleaning results. The major advantage of pure water is its desire to return to its impure state; hence its capacity to absorb large amounts of dirt from your windows .A word of warning this process involves brushing your windows clean with pure water. As such they will be left wet and will need time to dry naturally. This may be a bit disconcerting at first, as obviously this is not what our customers are used to.

2). Health and safety. Legislation being brought in from Europe will limit the use of ladders as temporary workstations. The law now states that ladders can only be used when all viable alternatives have been considered, and now waterfed pole systems are seen as a safer viable alternative and I don’t want to be held liable to prosecution for accidents to staff and customers. Accidents do happen (as I have fell off the ladder a couple of times myself) If we can do the job to a high standard whilst standing on the ground so much the better. Also we have been forced to pay increasingly higher public and employers liability insurance premiums, which is becoming unaffordable for the use of ladders, especially for staff. And ladders are no longer an option for my business

3). Environmentally friendly. Pure water only is used, eliminating the need for detergents and chemicals.

4). Reduced disturbance. No more dents in your lawn obviously we tried to minimize this aspect but sometimes the `old fashioned method` made it very difficult

5). Windows will stay cleaner .The absence of sticky soap residue means that dirt will find it harder to cling to your windows, hence your windows stay cleaner for longer.

Additional Benefits.

6). As your windows will be brushed clean almost unavoidably your frames will be cleaned at the same time

7). We can now reach with ease previously inaccessible aspects of your property. Third floor windows, conservatory roofs, windows above conservatory’s, that had to be previously left.

Please note that over the space of two or three visits the process will `leach` all deposits from around the frames, resulting in an improved finish each time, until ultimately the finish will effectively be sterile. Please be patient if the initial visit is not perfect, as we have been forewarned by our suppliers that two or three visits can be necessary for maximum effect.

I hope this has covered everything, that’s it lots of increased benefits .Our aim continues to give a high level service. Please feel free to phone or discuss any part of the above or indeed any other aspect of our service. If you have any concerns about this new way of cleaning your windows please let me know and we will endeavor to alleviate your concerns.

Yours thankfully

______________Window cleaning service

Most of you would have something like this but it should help people who have just started



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That is very good and clear who's ever it is. Thanks for the post.

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i never told any one i was swapping over & if i was asked by a customer i just gave them a quick explanation ending in how their frames always get a good clean, i think if id given them something like that they'd of passed out - commercial customers maybe though. and to be honest i dont believe that about leaching i was told that when i 1st started wfp but i think its just covering up not cleaning the frames properly- i may be wrong but its never happened to me but i have had drips from not doing frames properly

apart from that its a good explanation

i also heard the other day of someone trying to explain wfp to an older lady & she said " you can lick them clean for all i care just as long as they're clean" pure class

I was very hesitant about changing over to wfp and thought it would be difficult convincing the customers of its benefits especially as half my work is those who've come to me as they dont like wfp. My first week of telling people that I'd be doing wfp from the next time was mentally exhausting as I was chatting for going on 5 mins of why it would be good, how it worked, how the water was made etc etc etc. I think they could see I was trying to convince myself as much as them thus they weren't overly keen. I've now not bothered with the 'from next time' with most and have just done them wfp (mostly). When the customer has come out to have a word etc I've just said 'it's brilliant, does a better job than I could ever do traditionaly, get into all the nooks and crannies, a really thorough clean' and just given them a few very positive sentences of why it is so good. I've had very positive responses from this approach. My enthusiasm has come across. This is after doing it for a day or so myself and not having to convince myself anymore, I do think it's brilliant.

Convince yourself how good it is through practice and your enthusiasm will win the customer over.

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