Do discounts work?

Discussion in 'Advertising Offline/Online & Canvassing' started by MrBump, Jul 13, 2015.

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  1. MrBump

    MrBump Guest

    #1 MrBump, Jul 13, 2015
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    I don't really want to lower my prices in order to get work as I know I will only regret it later on, but I do need to get more customers on board quicker. So...

    What do you guys think of offering a discount for the first few cleans to get customers on board? Who has done this or tried this before and has it worked?
  2. Jimroot

    Jimroot Guru

    Dec 6, 2014
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    Don't know bump but I'd say they just wouldn't value it as much. I'm going to change a word in my vocabulary: not going to use 'quote' anymore, now on its 'the price'.

    Far as I'm concerned, my prices are as low as I'm willing to do it for and stay doing it, even then it's usually too much for them.

    I like the idea of the first clean double 3/4th free but sounds too much to explain. Ive started just saying one off is x, monthly y. If they want other option, I let them raise it. If it's filthy I'll say it's double first
  3. MrBump

    MrBump Guest

    Haha totally agree there, quote means they can haggle, price means take it or leave it :thumbsup: I can't wait to be in the position to be able to have enough work alreadt to be able to say a good price and not worry about losing it.

    After panicking over the weekend as last weeks leaflet dropping produced no calls, I spent an hour or so yesterday writing up £5 off notes to entice customers in, but I've since had 4 enquiries this morning :thumbsup: I'm thinking I might try the offers out tomorrow anyway in a new area and see how much difference they make to enquiries and I'll let you know, but patience seems more important than discounts it seems :D
  4. laddergarder


    Nov 29, 2011
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    I did a 50% off your first clean flyer a few years back and it did quite well for me. A customer is a customer, as long as you get the price you want. I thought when doing it, I would get allot who would cancel after the first clean, but I dont think any did as far as I recall.
  5. MrBump

    MrBump Guest

    Cool laddergarder, that was my thinking too, the main thing is getting the customer on your schedule and at the right price long term, short term pain for long term gain. That's good that none of them cancelled on ya! :thumbsup:
  6. adamangler

    adamangler Wakefield Window Warrior

    Dec 2, 2014
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    how are you picking up most of your work? leaflets?

    i made some leaflets with a quote on, they seem to work better than leaflets with no price as they will either think its a good price or not. id say stick to your prices but put the prices on the leaflets, some people will think too expensive but you never know some might find you cheap, i put a bunch out on one estate at £12 a house, and got 6 calls next few days as the previous windy was doing them at £15+. the same size houses ive seen windwys do for 8 squid round here so you just never know. keep banging the leaflets out.
  7. boarcity

    boarcity Guest

    might be worth putting a £5 off voucher glued to your fliers. but you must quote a higher price than you normally would ,say 15 instead of ten . id give it a go if i was you
  8. MrBump

    MrBump Guest

    Got all of my work so far through either leaflets or word of mouth. My leaflets already have my prices on as I suck at sales so I figured if they know the price already and still call then I have no selling to do :thumbsup: Unfortunately boar that means I'll just have to take the hit for a few months rather than up my prices first lol.

    Had someone contact me earlier about some window cleaning, it sounded like he just wanted a one-off. I said I don't do one-offs, only monthly or bi-monthly, but to lure him in I thought I'd offer him a deal... Normally it would be £20 per clean but I said if he goes monthly I'll give him £5 off for the first 3 months - he said great he'll pay for 3 months upfront and then go from there. Doh, blatantly he's going to cancel after 3 months and has just basically got a free clean out of it :rolleyes:

    Still I am going to do a days worth of leaflet dropping tomorrow with my '£5 off first 3 months with monthly service' otes with the leaflets and see how it fares in comparison to just the flyer... I'll let you guys know how if it gets more interest on not...
  9. cheapncheerful


    Jan 31, 2014
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    priced a job today cant remember dropping my card in but just goes to show never know when they will call..

    trouble was right opposite one I have dropped.:eek:

    well dont get me wrong hes a top bloke but..its er a fiver and er..a fiver dont go as far as a fiver used too..okay he always gives me six but today...I would price it at a tenner...hmmm so I er just er...forgot to go...

    but he has a nice doggy...and after I have cleaned the windows it just about stops barking...

    once I STROKED IT......:Dbut only once but he assures me doesnt far...
  10. MrBump

    MrBump Guest

    Cheapie you should take a dog biscuit for the doggy, else it'll give away how quickly you rush around the windows! ;)