Ello ello ello.... what's all this then?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by Green Pro Clean Ltd, Dec 28, 2015.

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  1. Green Pro Clean Ltd


    Jan 20, 2015
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    Well as many of you know I am one of the few who chose to work today and make sure my round was properly serviced so out and about I went at a respectable 9 am as after all it is a Bank Holiday so no need to start at 8 am.

    All jobs completed on schedule. All the ones I done today I haven't done since November so it was nice to collect an extra £40 in tips from those that were worried they missed me coming up to Christmas.

    Anyhow on to the adventures of today............ :))

    My reel is mounted inside my back door and as we all know the best position is for the reel to be facing the property you are working on so as to get the reel to 'flow' as smoothly as possible as it unspools as this makes life easier.

    So on a job this afternoon the driveway was clear so I backed on to the driveway and started preparing my gear (this is also beneficial as it is a very tight road to get down on a good day)

    So as I am switching on my pump two suits walk up and ask 'are you working on this property?' (now next door is a building site owned by the same cowboy that built the house I am working on, he went bankrupt and I know there is all sorts of legal ongoings about the property)

    'Carlton Police', reply the suits as he flashes me the warrant card, 'Are you James?' 'No sir, I am the window cleaner, jsut as it says on my van, he's not home as his cars not here.'

    'OK, thanks' he says and walks off with his mate down the road.

    So I finish cleaning the windows, and I'm packing up my gear when this total '*** HEAD' winds down his car window and starts mouthing off at me about how poorly parked I am with my Vauxhall Signum on the road.

    I peer round the van and suddenly realize the car they mouthing off about is the unmarked plod mobile.

    'Oi!, you want to run your mouth pal I suggest you run it at the person that owns the car mate, it belongs to him!' As I point to the plain clothes cops walking back up the street.

    'Nice parking you fuc**ig wan£ers! He shouts to them sounding all big and bad.

    Head plod calmly walks to the drivers window, flops open his warrant card and says 'Just pull your vehicle over to the side there sir' as I get in my van and drive off with a big grin on my face :rof::rof::rof::rof::rof::rof::rof:
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  2. Markyboy 50


    Nov 5, 2015
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    Well worth going to work for.