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Fecking typical !

All Round Cleaning

Well-known member
Iapplied for a job with jaguar land rover in january went for tests etc passed those , then got called in for an interview passed that .

now in march had a phone call saying oh you have passed all the stages for selection etc etc you have a position but we are waiting for a start date from production .

jeeeez just as I have decided to start window cleaning for a living ffs

but I not got the funds to start up .

bleeding typical eh .



Do that for a while pal it's a very good offer to pass up on save a little money if your still into doing windows after a bit go for it then, jobs are few and far between at the min and that's a good one. Even start doing windows part time like alot do.



Sounds like a fantastic opportunity Gav!, JLR is booming just now, go for it, after all, you can always revert back to window cleaning if it doesnt work out!. :)


All Round Cleaning

Well-known member
Cheers guys I was talking to the mrs and she said just to go for jlr for a bit and see how it works out , and maybe be able to get the funds together to buy my gear .

So I think I'l do that for a while just see how it goes fingers crossed eh but the woman on the phone said il hear within the next month .



As they said mate, just go for it, the windows will always be there waiting if you change your mind

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