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Feel Naff


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So guys, we've had a financially weird time the last couple of years with redundancies an moving etc.

Now, this last year i've more than doubled my income, through canvassing businesses and houses, and have done really well and everyone is really encouraging.

Yet, I feel that I'm still nowhere near my goals.

I'm going to embark on a massive campaign through April, wanting to post around 2,000-5,000 leaflets in every house in my main area of work.

Any encouraging words, any experiences?

Anyone have a rough idea of what return I could expect, even though all area's are different, I just need something to gee me on.

Just feel fed up. I still have about 2 days free a week. I want to do my best, but seem to keep getting knocked back.




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I think conversion rates vary greatly but you could realistically get 1 in every 5 person you speak to. Even if you don't get the job, the experience will be good and it will get the awareness out there.



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We don't need encouragement buddy were pro's!! Nah if you keep going you will fill up eventually, a good business takes time to grow & develop! 5000 leaflets will give you phone calls to come for the next 2-3 months I guarantee you.


I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?1a1sva



Just keep going.

I would try to be creative on the delivery method of the leaflet. Ive seen people accept new window cleaners if they ring the bell and are polite etc.

Other than that - perhaps search for new development areas in or near your area, where people are moving in, and would need such a service.



I tend to only work about 3 days a week, and if you are bringing in enough money to pay the bills, what is wrong with that?!. I would ideally like to work 4 days a week on average, but, hey, it will come, just give it time, be patient!.



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when i need recharging, i take a day off and go knocking, there is nothing better than getting new custy to amke you love this business, i plan on knokcing over easter for the 2 weeks, as most people will be at home,



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Thanks for all the comments guys.

Well I have to deliver the leaflets so may use the 2 week holiday time to do that, good idea bm.

And I'd like to work 4 days myself, but in this time of financial mess I'd like to cover all bases at the moment and fill my time.

And JP if I deliver all 5000 leaflets and get calls for months I'll get you a drink. /emoticons/smile.png



how long you been at it fella ?

what's your customer base how many customers you god ?

if i could work 3-4 days on the windows and earn enough to be happy id be happy with that

atm i work most days but only for 3-4 hrs a day Monday to Thursday.

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