First Day Back

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by M.K, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. M.K

    M.K Grand Master

    May 27, 2012
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    Its was going great. I got rained off till 10:30 today so started posting on facebook firsttime ive posted adds in months.

    I got 4 confirmed houses 2 to price.

    I got 1 gutter from facebook and waiting on a reply to get the address to price another. I got one from my website which I have to go down and price. She asked for an ruff idea on price So I said 40/80 pounds. She was happy with that. Need to wait and see if I get it.

    I had a women on facebook tell me there small village is screaming for a window cleaner. Tere was 5 up there and now theres only one. Hes not the best I dont have any work there so she said shes going to call here friends and family and get them to switch to me? The making of a good relationship there haha.

    The bad part, finished the last house and got a call. There scratches all over the a guys window....

    I went and had a look and theres no way it could have been me, well couldnt have it was the lad that worked with me that done the window. Ive seen scratched from window cleaners before I know what there like.

    The scratches I seen were like scores and there was small chips in the window I reall y doubt it was us that done them. I explained this and he seems fine about it. He just wanted to know if it could have been us. I then I explained why I couldn't have been us there scratches were just out of place if you know what I mean? Not to mention the small chips out the window too.

    I get along great with the lad too never had any probelms and allways have a banter with him when I see him. I did point out to him that I noticed he had some work done around the window. He had cement put up the sides of the window and it looked like someone had been doing some patching work above the window too. He said he checked the windows after that was done so it could have been that.

    What do you think? I said I would ask a friend for some glass polish that stuff CR Smith use and see if I could do anything with it.

    Was pretty ****** off though even though I know it couldn't have been us.
  2. Andrew Carr

    Andrew Carr Newcomer

    Jul 16, 2012
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    Tell him that you will replace the window if he is adament that your helper scrached his window, and it will keep up a good relationship up with the customer. as for the Glass polish with deep scratches its never the same quicker to get the glass panel changed.
    if a large window contact your insurance and it will all be sorted ...
  3. Dodger

    Dodger Hero

    Jan 30, 2012
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    Other than the obvious sounds like a belter of a day there M, nice one.
  4. Gmeister

    Gmeister Grand Master

    Apr 13, 2012
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    Ive been to one house (can't think where now!) where there is scratchs like all over the window!(Just the one window)

    Can't be window cleaner, trad or wfp could not of done that!

    My only thought could be painting on the house or around window where someone sandpapered the wall or window frame, and some **** scratched the window

    This is my conclusion anyway!