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Discussion in 'Advertising Offline/Online & Canvassing' started by Paul, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    I'm going to be designing my flyers later today, I know diffrent people put diffrent things on them, so was just wondering what type of things you fellas put on yours.

    I don't want them to look to busy, but want them to say what needs said.

    Also sizes A4-A5-A6 ???

    Cheers :(
  2. laddergarder


    Nov 29, 2011
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    I have that A6 is a good size for posting through peoples doors.

    Ideas for content:
    Special offer - one example: 50% off your first booking
    Contact details
  3. jambo113

    jambo113 Guest

    yer a6 is good i get 5000 for 35 quid including p&p off ebay just single colour ones. ive tried full high gloss fancy ones and seem to just get same results
  4. mark m

    mark m Hero

    Feb 22, 2012
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    I use A 5
  5. Paul

    Paul Guest

    I seen them Jambo are they any good?

    I was thinking A5 seem to get more for you money
  6. James

    James Guru

    Nov 2, 2011
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    Mine are A5, I don't think it matters what size you have but A5 is the most common.

    Make sure only the essential bits are on your leaflets. No waffle :D

  7. jambo113

    jambo113 Guest

    yer you can do your own design or they will do one for you and email it threw to you then you can make any changes worth the money [hr]
    oh and they was printed and delivered within 3 days
  8. Reform

    Reform Guest

    you've already got the right idea....not too busy!

    most people pick up leaflets and put them straight in the bin (or recycling) so you have a split second of attention to show what you are advertising.
  9. Paul

    Paul Guest

    What sort of things do you use to grab there attention ?
  10. Reform

    Reform Guest

    just make it instantly recognisable that your a window cleaner, it sounds obvious, but alot of leaflets i have seen could have been window fitters ect. you can have lots more info in smaller print, like gutter cleaning, con roofs ect, just as long as at a quick glance, it is obvious what your advertising.

    even if your wfp, a photo of you cleaning a window up a ladder, squeegee in hand with a scrim hanging out your back pocket cant be beat.[hr]
    .......for domestic work obviously....commercial is different