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Fsg, conny and windows


We are looking for a wfp system that we can use chemicals with but also add spotless water when needed as were aiming to start with this then if it takes off, convert the van for proper spotless water production.

my question is would any trolley system do or are some more specific to s/f/g with chemical input? And is there any you would reccomend for a start out ? 
many thanks sorry for all the questions just don’t want to be throwing money away 



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West Yorkshire
You could buy a gardiner back pack. I’m sure it voids your guarantee if you put chemicals in though. That’s what most use. Then buy a Gardiner pole. You don’t need pure water for facia’s etc. Then make sure you wash the backpack out thoroughly. Look below on the sections. Lots of advice on there. There’s a heading with all you need to know. 

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