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Gated and locked alleyways


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On part of my round I have gated and locked alley being installed.This will restrict rear access to properties.The Councils answer to reduce break ins which is a good move as this will also reduce fly tipper,downside is that I cannot freely gain access to clean rear of properties.I have done a bit of research and a lot of Councils around the country are installing them,I have tried to get a key off the council but no chance,so I am left with these options Carry on climb over,Hope someone is in to get a key off,just do fronts or dump the work.You would think the Council would want to help local businesses and what next check points coming in and out of towns:rolleyes:



Staff member
Thats Swear word!!

Yes it is a good idea for security etc but like you say you would really think that they would like to help small businesses, Does the residence have a key? can you not get a cheeky one cut if one of your custys lets you?

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