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George Window Cleaning running on OSX for free


Just thought i would share some info,

I just finished installing Windows 8 on my iMac and MacBook Pro so i can finally use george systems on my Macs legally and Free.

First of all you need to go over to window developer preview so you can obtain a copy of the beta release of windows 8 which is free.

I would recommend downloading the 2.8GB English 32 - bit preview as george is not exactly memory heavy.

Now get your self over to VirtualBox so you can download the "virtual pc" application for Mac - This lets you run windows whilst still using osx so theres no need to reboot or completely leave your mac atmosphere you just paid so much to love.

1- Install VirutalBox

2- Watch and follow these

3- Using windows 8 via VirtualBox download and install George

4- Enjoy!

Any questions just send me a PM but to be honest you should have no problems. /emoticons/biggrin.png

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