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Give me insurance


Well-known member
I got a CD80 ( Death by careless/inconsiderate driving) on my record 2 years ago it expires in 3 years time.

Anyone know any places i can ring up that are good with insurance ?

Im going to be looking for insurance on vauxhall astra 1.3 cdti and if thats pretty high i will just get a vauxhall corsa van /emoticons/tongue.png

I will have a trolley system that folds Smiley So ill have no trouble with a small car.

Ill be phoning them in a few hours so get telling me a load of phone numbers people ! /emoticons/smile.png

Thank you



Well-known member
You need to try a specialist company for something as serious as this. I think Adrian Flux used to be able to insure CD80 IIRC



Active member
I am insured by Gladiator, very cheap for me but under your circumstances I don't know, you'd have to ring them or go online and find out.


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