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Discussion in 'Gutter & Fascia Cleaning' started by Taxlossloz, May 24, 2015.

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  1. Taxlossloz

    Taxlossloz Grand Master

    Jul 11, 2014
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    I simply use ladder , ext pole and screw on gutter cleaner tool - what equipment would you add to this ?...( cheap - not gutter vac yet)
  2. my hands n if dry,a brush to sweep out.telescopic pole,garden trowel,plumbers pipe bending spring,great for downpipes.
    I always carry tube of gutter seal,a couple of brackets,some common strait connectors,cordless drill n couple of small self tappers
    very handy to screw up gutters n downpipes that are swinging
    amazing how many paint jobs I got aswell,
    ""my painter needs a scaffold,while your up there can you just,,,,,,,,,""
    nope,that be a separate quote my dear,put the kettle on and let the pricing commence ££££ :)
    love my job :)))))))))))))))
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  3. Taxlossloz

    Taxlossloz Grand Master

    Jul 11, 2014
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    Good advice. What's the plumbers pipe bending spring?
    Do you just use standard ladders ? Some gutters are very tricky to get to
    Did this job yesterday ( plus image.jpg Facias and windows £180) and really enjoyed it - hard work tho
  4. boarcity

    boarcity Guest

    180 ^ good price . what you goin to spend that on
    the gutter scoops sold in B n q are worth having , you can rake a whole gutter fairly easily in under a minute scoop.jpg
  5. looks a nice one mate
    LYTE ladders only as they are trade weight n sturdy
    12 rung double
    n beefy 15 rung treble,if that don't reach,i don't do it
    a plumber spring.......
    around 18" long n two sizes
    half inch n three quarter
    it for bending copper pipe around ya knee to fit round stuff
    v handy for jabbin down n twisting round blocked down pipes
    "wiseman once say,put a piece of string round end
    so you don't drop it down drain pipe tho"
    you f dummy tats :(
    hahahaaaaaa DOH
  6. wow boar,under a minute
    ive had some customers moan when all I bring down is half a bucket of ****
    "i not pay £30 just for that little bit"
    ok.ill put it back then,,,,lol

    ps,tennis balls in gutters,so easyyyyyyy money too :)
  7. boarcity

    boarcity Guest

    #7 boarcity, May 24, 2015
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    i always insist they go inside when i start , "insurance insists on it for safety reasons" is a good excuse/possibly a valid one too .

    if theres nothing in the gutter when i look in, i look closely, theres ALWAYS something , even if its an eggcupful at the other end ,so iv got to get it ,every last grain . this isnt milking the job as such,its doing it thoroughly and reassuring, nothing worse than a quick look-see for a fiver and the customer feels cheated cos he hasnt paid out a proper wedge

    then i can say yes its all clean
  8. Smurf

    Smurf Legend

    Mar 18, 2012
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    The risks involved tile walking at that height goes without saying is very dodgy to do so you would not catch me up there no matter how much the job was worth. Not only that stepping on/off a pitched or flat roof is one of the most dangerous things you can do using a leaning ladder at any height hence why you're post I'm guessing.

    That is why I would say many moons ago on awkward jobs like that some bright spark invented a gutter vacuum & gutter cam to save risking their neck. Also it goes without saying using a gutter vac instead has probably over the years saved many from falling off ladders and/or roofs trying.

    Regarding using learning ladders on straight forward access jobs then I've found the best ladder safety devices to date to be an ankalad stabiliser & microlite standoff that also can also rest on flat and/or pitched roofs. For setting a ladder on corners of a building then the ladder max multi pro corner standoff is very good too. Downside of the ladder max multi pro it's built like a tank so is not lite by any stretch of the imagination.
  9. I would've used my big treble on the high access area
    never put a ladder on a corner
    a labourer is more trusted than a stabiliser
    most windies risk necks by cleaning windows anyway......we aint a cotton wool wrapped nation,a lot of sense goes a long way
    where I live there are quite afew windies,trad and pole, I av yet to meet,see or know anyone who uses a gutter vac
    may be the way forward,who knows
  10. TolishAPurd


    Nov 3, 2013
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    I'd rather put my life in the hands of an ankalad over someone I'm paying £7 an hour.:rolleyes:

    This was one of the best tools I ever bought;


    Its a gardeners weeding tool. Its perfect fore when you have a plant pot growing in the top of the downpipe. Just stab it in and pull the whole thing out.

    I have all the gear the tattoed one carries, but the spring is a great idea, I've always used a drain snake but its way too long for most jobs. I'm slowly accumulating a small collection of brackets and spares. And I mentioned it in another thread but a metal bucket is great for the rubbish. As you are working you will rattle your tools in it, and it clangs the ladder a lot- much like free advertising it gets the attention of all the neighbours.:thumbsup: