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Hello Everyone ?

Barnet, London
Hi everyone.

I’ve posted a few messages on this forum recently but I haven’t introduced myself.

My name is Simon and I’m a window cleaner in Barnet,  North London.

My work is approx 65% residential, for which I use the reach and wash system, and 35% commercial (shops).

I’ve been a window cleaner for nine years, most of which time I’ve been viewing and learning a lot from messages on this forum, and feel now that I’ve gained enough expertise to give my own tips and advice. Who knows, if I had been posting from the time I started, by now I could have been up there with @Pjj and @Part Timer ?

It’s great to be here and I wish everyone every success with their businesses.




Premium Member
We all have to learn , unfortunately when I started there weren’t  forums so it was learn by trial and error, now new starters can avoid a lot of the pitfalls from the advice given on hear . We all have something to add wether we have been doing  the job 30+ years or only a few months , nice to welcome a new member ?

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