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Hose guide options


I've just got a new van. My previous van had the hose connection points on the outside and I used to lift the reel out and set it next to the van when I was working. The new van has the reel bolted to the floor connected to the tank inside the van, which is less hassle but I'm finding the hose is catching on the van a lot more when I'm pulling it round.

I wondered what options there is for a hose guide. I've seen you can get underfloor ones which look good because I can lock the van up if need be. But also more hassle getting fitted etc. Are there any options for a guide in the back of the van, will this help much or is underfloor really the day to go? With the underfloor options doesn't the hose get all mucky from the road grime or do you pull it right back into the van each time and feed it through when you start the job.




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Underfloor rollers all day long. I would go for the grippa tank ones over the waterworks. I’ve had my threaded bar snap on the waterworks setup. Grippa tanks are a lot more solid looking and possibly cheaper ? 

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