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I dont want you anymore


Had my first one of these today and I know its stupid but I cant help but take it personally, I went back to do the second clean today and was told that they wanted to stop. Apparently the windows were terribly streaked which I was quite shocked at.

I dont do a rush job by any means I spend my time on each house and ensure they are properly cleaned and rinsed, I checked my TDS reading today and its 001. I did run my finger down one of the frames though and had white residue on my fingertip.



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You get them from time to time,some just want a one off clean but don't make that clear at the start.Charging a bit more for the first clean normally weeds these out.Wouldn't take it personally,were there still streaks on the glass when you returned,unlikely she would have had them cleaned so soon after you had done them and why didn't she call you back if she was unhappy with the clean.

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