Im ready to start my business

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by harunh, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. harunh

    harunh Legend

    Feb 16, 2012
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    I passed my driving test today ! YESSSSS lol ;)

    I will have a astra estate van with trolley system 25L & several containers. I prefer trolleyu over van mount.

    I am going to meet a window cleaner sometime this week and check his trolley stem out hes got a prue freedom one.

    Am looking for a decent astra im willing to spend up to 3K I can get a 58 plate with 60/70k miles for around 3K with one owner with service history which is decent. I dont like buying cars with several owners and high milage.

    Where would you all start out from if u were in my position ?

    Would you go canvassing now ? would you get your van in first etc ? get your equipment sorted first ?

    I am looking to order my business cards from vistaprint tomorrow. and then look at the equipment and get it ordered before the end of the week ;)

    I am planning on dropping 1,000 cards per day. I can do this.... i know it sounds hard.... but i can do this... in 1 day. i will also have help from my brother who will go shotting cards out with me.

    I will be looking at getting a website made this week aswell. and setting up my facebook page.

    Its a lot to do but surely it will pay off :)

    tell me what you think lads
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    register self employed
    pay ni
    get public liability
    get flyers made
    get van + system

    then once you got most of these in place then look for work
    if you look for work atm you wont have time to sort the van out ect
  3. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Congratulations pal now get on with it lol
  4. Well done on your test mate!

    I am here:
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  5. Gleam123

    Gleam123 Active Member

    Jun 30, 2011
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    What welshcleaner said, stupid to look for work without a system. Will look very unprofessional if they say ok to you doing it and you reply with ok when I get my equipment il do it
  6. rjacandwc

    rjacandwc Well-Known Member

    Dec 18, 2011
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    Congratulations my friend.. Its time to shine!
  7. Whizz-Bizz

    Whizz-Bizz Forum Addict

    Jan 27, 2012
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    If you get the chance come find me on facebook under Whizz-Bizz definately be able to help you
  8. Paul

    Paul Guest

    What do you do wizz ?
  9. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    Congratulations on your test mate!. Definitely get your system 1st before starting canvassing, thats a no brainer!
  10. vito61

    vito61 Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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    Congratulations on your test. Hang on to that license it's your livelihood now.

    Advice for the future. If you're sending out leaflets use a spell check and proofread ;)