Introducing yourself to companies.

Discussion in 'Advertising Offline/Online & Canvassing' started by Ken, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Ok, so for most of my 9years window cleaning I've subcontracted for big local window cleaning companies, and have in my time cleaned ***htclubs, hotels, and more colleges than I care to mention from South Yorkshire to London, so as I have for the first time gone 8 months all on my own picking up work to my round I've owned since the beginning, I have decided to branch out into more commercial work, I do not want to become dependant on it, but I would like a couple of sweet jobs that will bring in 100-150 a month.
    The problem I have is that as I've only cleaned big businesses I have never introduced myself and never dealt with the initial process of picking the work up.
    Many companies have asked me to send a introduction letter to then open talks and quotes etc. But what do I write?
    The only info they need I think is the fact I'm a window cleaner who works hard in the area I work in, am fully insured and can and will offer a service that can compete with the best in the business.
    Why the hell do they need that in letter. I could tell them that over the phone?lol

    And I've tried hehe

  2. Most big people who work in business dont have time and won't find the time to talk to you on the phone, the reason they want and intro letter is so they can look at it and decide from what you give them if you are the company for them, first impressions always count you have to send them in a proffesional letter on headed note paper. Another reason is if they have an intro letter from you then they can contact you at their convenience as and when. What i do is phone the company up as the receptionist who deal with window cleaning in the company, i the illicit that persons email address and send them an email and follow it up with a phone call a few days later.
  3. Ken

    Ken Guest

    ^^ I see the reasons, but what do I write?
  4. nearlyclean


    Dec 20, 2010
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    You want your Name and name of your company,A little about what you can provide for their business and drop in that you have an established customer base with repeat business and your contact details.
    I prepare to walk in off the street and ask in person at reception who deals with management of the building and ask for either their contact details or whether it is possible to have a quick word and can I forward them some details about what I can offer via Email.
  5. Catherine

    Catherine Guest

    Hi Ken

    I run a telemarketing business for cleaners, I have also worked 21 years in telemarketing

    You need to ring directly and get the decision makers name.

    When you get that, you have a route - your prime goal should be a meeting - so its a question of getting on the phone, but please be aware you cant ring people up willy nilly you would have to buy a checked data list. Personally I dont think leaflets work, it kind of ends up in the junk pehonoaman of spam. If you can get on the phone Ken and get the decision makers name and then send electronic mail I think thats the better option. Good luck

    Kind regards
  6. kars

    kars Guest

    Catherine. i have to disagree that leaflet dont work but only to a degree. Guys on here have proved that time after time they do work and comercial work is very dependant on catchin the right person at the right rtime and following it through and with a lot of hard work and smiling thro the odd t**t who looks down their nose's at us and what wi do..probearnmore money than them anyway!) then your hard work will pay off im sure.
  7. Catherine

    Catherine Guest

    Hi there, yes it may work but probably intermittent you really do need direct mail to the person who makes the decision, and with a database you can do that - pipelining - gathering information, renewal dates etc, actually speaking direct to the decision maker. I do this for a job. Personally a lead is dead when a leaflet goes in the bin. Its not dead when you can call back when the decision maker is available. You could drop 100's of leaflets, but we dont know what happens to that leaflet..............

    Admin please take this off, if you think inappropriate, but it may be of use to people. Not looking for work myself, but this was published recently in a window cleaning magazine, if it helps anybody - cool

    Gaining commercial contracts via telemarketing
    posted 6 May 2011 00:34 by Catherine Baker [ updated 6 May 2011 22:01 ]
    Depending on a cleaning company’s preferences and setup, commercial contracts may be the Holy Grail for some folk. No more waiting for Mrs Bennett to remember to pay you the seven quid she still owes you and no more dealing with the hungry Rottie left parked in the back garden. Of course, if Mrs Bennett also owns a company as well, you're still in the do-do's!

    So, how to attract commercial contracts? A well designed website is always a good start though pretty useless on its own to attract new business. Without successful SEO implementation, the site will remain off the radar. Links, articles, blogs and other social networking all help but need constant attention to keep yourselves bouncing up to the top of listing pages. Websites should be viewed as part of the bigger marketing objective.

    Word of mouth will rarely work on the commercial side of the things as most will be perfectly happy to leave their compe***ors squandering in the dirt, smugly waving from their squeaky clean premises. Business is harsh – harsh but fair! Well-designed, sign-written vans may help, sandwich-boarding the chaps from across the road!

    Flyers, either leaflet dropped or emailed may be successful if you're lucky, but how do you know that they've reached the decision makers? As we all know, most end up in the bin or are directed to trash via the delete button or spam filter. All in all, this method lacks the control of getting past the receptionists’ wicket keepers gloves!

    Cold calling is another route but again needs a good pair of Nike's to swerve past the receptionists attention only to find that the decision maker is in another bloody meeting. Also, with the price of petrol nowadays, a Segway or an electric Noddy car is a necessity!

    So now we get to telemarketing, many of the problems apparent in the above are still there, it is just a question of damage limitation. Due to cheaper telephone services and without the need for Nike's (slippers will do) or even navigating a Segway over a kerbstone, telemarketing provides a relatively efficient method of marketing.

    The downside of telemarketing is the cost of TPS and TPCS laws, unfortunately it is illegal to pick the Yellow Pages up and call prospects, willy-nilly. Companies can be fined £5000 for calling companies that have opted out of unsolicited sales calls. The process of acquiring TPS checked phone numbers is relatively simple and there are several companies providing this service – at a price, though deals are available dependent on demand.

    The advantages of contact via phone over the routes mentioned above is a question of control. The ability of the telemarketer to get past the first line of defence ie the receptionist is the first hurdle. Armed, only with a headset and slippers (flip flops will do) there is an improved chance that the defences can be breached in order to speak with the decision maker. If the decision maker is unavailable, telemarketers can then find an appropriate time to call back - the lead is not dead. This, in effect, is a direct improvement on the “straight to bin, trash or spam phenomenon”.

    Another advantage is the ability to create an on-going database of clients’ requirements. Companies contracted to specific cleaners may reveal details of the current contract allowing you to “stick your nose in” at a time close to contract closure.

    Cloud computing has also helped the telemarketers, especially if there are more than one person working for a client. Document sharing and the ability to update instantly simplifies the process by removing the need to work off multiple records. The client can also monitor the progress of the campaign as it happens and keep a check on how fast the flip flops are spinning.

    A well designed PDF flyer raises the stakes even more for the telemarketer when dealing with bosses who are too busy or too far into their second sandwich. At least the info is reaching the target audience.

    All in all, telemarketing offers an accurate record of a campaigns progress and can be referenced for future marketing strategies.

    Ultimately its about "damage limitation and control" which is why getting on the phone - you do have a certain amount of control
  8. nearlyclean


    Dec 20, 2010
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    You raised some good points there in your article Catherine,I like the idea of a well designed PDF file that a decision maker can download or print off and use in a meeting,would be easier that having loads of brochures printed and distributing them by mail or person to end up in the bin.I would become a Professional cold caller just for the electric Noddy car :)
    Most would say that their commercial work has come from customers who they clean for domestic and have given them the lead into the place where they work.
  9. Catherine

    Catherine Guest

    Thank you for that, also by the phone, you can steam through alot of numbers - should be looking at least 20 calls an hour (not to say that you would speak to everybody, call backs etc) Yes and with PDF goes directly to decision makers email - they are expecting the flyer and you can do it within seconds of speaking to them.
  10. rosy1234

    rosy1234 Guest

    Hello Ken,
    Before 10 years, I had asked the same question to my friends that time he was suggested me about contacting with franchise business, franchise takes a complete information form you about your business, and whenever people are coming to franchise they are spreading our business. This is a best kind of publicity of the business.