jet washing a house walls quote

Discussion in 'Pressure Washing' started by sdrah, May 13, 2014.

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  1. sdrah

    sdrah Guest

    Hi just got this email

    could you give me a rough idea of cost for jetwashing the outside of our 4 bedroom detached house. The walls have a hardened coating called Protectacoat.
    Many thanks.

    i was wondering what's that PROTECTACOAT ?! never heard before - also I think powerwashing a house is not a good idea is it ?
  2. mr shine

    mr shine Guru

    Dec 9, 2011
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    powerwashing would probably do more damage than good and if its algae stained it can be very hard to remove unless your running a hot washer and possibly with a chemical . i cleaned a house recently which was done with k render which is similar to protectakote , i used sodium hydrochlorite or hypo as its known , it was sprayed on to the walls and left to dwell and within 15 to 20 mins the walls were spotless and the a quick rinse with the washer on half throttle . price wise i would charge a minium of 350 because the hypo will cost you roughly 30 quid also there could be a full days work in it , if you can get some pics up it would me an idea of how dirty the render is . the important thing when using hypo is to protect yourself with full ppe , especially your eyes and hands , also all windows have to be covered with plastic as hypo will etch the glass and is near impossible to remove , and finally it will also damage flowers lawns and pets , obviously the safest bet is to carry out a sample clean in a discreet area to be sure the the render dosent react with the render and to be sure that it removes all the stains
  3. sdrah

    sdrah Guest


    I ll get some pics next week