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Jet Washing, anyone?


Well-known member
Hey guys, few customers have asked me if I jet wash, now, I don't but am looking into it, as I have a customer who wants quite a sizeable amount of work doing on his retail unit.

I have NO IDEA where to start price wise!!

Obviously this job would have all income going on the equipment.

How would be a good way to get a price? Would it make sense to ring a couple of companies and get them to meet me on this job and get quotes off them for the work?

I am stuck.

If anyone here does jet washing can you let me know how you price jobs?

Thanks in avance.



mr shine

Well-known member
i do powerwashing as an add on and get a fair bit of work from it i use a honda engine washer 3000 psi 15lpm petrol driven i find 20 to 30 an hour is achievable also a turbo nozzle is a great extra to have to remove stubborn dirt there is a site called pavingexpert.com which has some great tips and well worth a look also youtube has loads of videos i hope this is some help

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