Discussion in 'Traditional Window Cleaning' started by neil_09, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. neil_09

    neil_09 Guest

    Hi all,

    Ladders looking tatty now.
    Getting new one this week.

    I fancy some double 12's like last time.

    Was told about some on ebay.
    Wat are your reviews?

    Also should i go for double 14's?

  2. Paul

    Paul Guest

    I like larger ladders I have triple 12s but i tend to split the double away most times but the other section is there if I need it. [hr]
    What ones on eBay ?
  3. neil_09

    neil_09 Guest

    Yer thats an idea. Cheers
  4. Paul

    Paul Guest

    What's your budget mate?[hr]
    Sorry just looked mine are triple 13 I think they about £200 delivered on eBay do the job
  5. neil_09

    neil_09 Guest

    No budget mate. Ill pay wat they cost.
    If there good and will last 12 months min then ill spend wats needed.
  6. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Ah well no budget I would go for a decent set of triple you might not use them but it's there if you need to. Mine were just cheap but I was on a budget but they are decent set of ladders and the do the job safely
  7. LaddersOnline

    LaddersOnline Newcomer

    Mar 9, 2012
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    Why not wait a while. There will be some amazing bargains to be had over the Easter period. (but not on our site) LOL But on others there will be.