liquidator tales part

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by norm, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. norm

    norm Grand Master

    May 10, 2013
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    liquidators and unger hard were so happy but knew there was something missing and their lives were still empty :sad: they wanted to please their new daddy and clean up these houses and rid them of their pesky dirty windows
    When the liquidators had tried before alas daddy had got really angry and they remembered the veins in his head and his angry words he had shouted at them before leaving them not so gently in out of sight
    "Daddy" whispered the shortest liquidator "Can i please try again and help you clean the dirt away i promise not to leave those bad lines and miss any dirty water"
    daddy smiled and went to get his favourite mop
    shortest liquidator watched as daddy scrubbed the inside of the window and made it nice and soapy
    slowly daddy turned and gently lifted the shortest liquidator bringing him close to the freshly soaped window

    In a second or two it was all over
    Daddy was smiling the window was shining and not a line could be seen
    "Again" shouted the little liquidator and daddy obliged smiling as he cleaned
    When the middle and longest liquidators seen daddys happy face they cried out
    "Give us a go too daddy pleeease"
    Daddys smile began to leave his face and concern replace joy as daddy remembered how angry and dissapointed the middle and longest new members of his family had made him even more than shortest
    Gritting his teeth daddy scrubbed a bigger window and gently lifted up middle to place him on the glass
    It was all over daddy smiled and laughed
    "Me too me too " shouted long and so it was the window sparkled and daddy was full of happiness and love for the latest members too his family

    But daddy remembered the dark family secret from so long ago and was troubled
    It was the tail of a wag in the past who had made daddy even angrier than his liquidators had who now tortured daddys thoughts
    Daddy told his liquidators about the tail of wag and the shame it brought to daddys family
    "We would like to meet the tail of wag and mingle with him" said short
    Daddy smiled at short and began to wonder

    this would be a tale for another day