looking for canvassing contracts

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by tom cronin, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. tom cronin

    tom cronin Guest

    HI all, just joined the site, ive started a canvassing company afew months ago, and am looking for new work to fill my diary for october, please contact me for more info, thanks tom
  2. brian scott

    brian scott Guest

    never used a canvasser before, I understand what you do but could you tell me what I would get for my money and how much you charge for your service
  3. Catherine

    Catherine Guest

    Good luck in your new venture Tom
  4. tom cronin

    tom cronin Guest

    we charge x2 cleans and all work is taken on on a 4 weekly basis, any cancelations are recanvassed or refunded, and we are available from late october, please call me if we could be of use to u, thanks tom 07412853355
  5. Aaravkmr

    Aaravkmr Guest

  6. craig1973

    craig1973 Guest

    Hi Tom

    I'm looking to starting a new round in staffs area around march/april time next year.

    I know it's a hard question to answer but how long does it usually take to canvass a round with approx value of £2000.

    if you will cover this area then i will give you a call to discuss.