lost a job before i got it

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by colinvansmith, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. i quoted for a job a job today and as i was cleaning the windows, i noticed that the paint from the metal frames was all like powdery and when i washed them it mixed with the water i cleaned and cleaned and rinsed and rinsed but no matter what i done i couldnt stop the milky drips going all over the windows i tried just cleeaning the glass without touching the frames but didn't work, i had to tell the custy she'd need to get a trad window cleaner as it was unavoidable with a wfp, jobs worth £35 a month as well :)

    anyone had similar

  2. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Haha the amount of times I've experienced 'milky' paint is astonishing.
    I feel your pain, I've cleaned a few jobs regularly with that.
    Never lost one from that though, even though I wouldn't have paid me, they did so?
    All depends on who your customer is I guess.
  3. bareknuckle4

    bareknuckle4 Member

    Jul 20, 2011
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    You will get this time and time again! You need to just keep cleaning eventually it stops or gets to a minimum. Just make sure you rinse from the top (including the frame) longer than usual.

    Stick at it, don't give up on the job it gets better each time.
  4. This is actually a reaction between the metal/ alloy and the water. It is ussually particularly bad when cleaning aluminium frames ut it will go.
  5. Ken

    Ken Guest

    A very regular clean as well.
    If it isn't regular then they might as well just brick the windows in. lol
  6. Hinty

    Hinty Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2011
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    Hi Colin.

    I've got a few awkward ones that came good after a few cleans.

    I think customers respect you for being honest with them. If you hadn't passed it on - you would be spending too long trying to get it right - ending up frustrated, and the customer would not have been happy - nobody wins.

    Had a similar thing when was asked to pole some gutters over a conservatory - scrubbed like mad - didn't improve. Stopped, and told customer sorry can't do it. Now they have gained 3 new customers for regular window cleaning.

    It works.
  7. wmwcs

    wmwcs Guest

    From experience (and we tell customers) if they have never had WFP cleaning before they may find that the windows are not perfect for the first couple of times.

    We say that the clean includes the frames and a lot of areas traditional cleaning does not. This means there may be residues that come down and leave some marks but this will settle down after a couple of cleans and then all will be fine.

    The vast majority are fine with this. If not they are usually a pain in the A anyway.
  8. this is not the usual residue left over from trad cleaning its paint coming off the frames
  9. wmwcs

    wmwcs Guest

    Yeah I understand this Colin.
    I have seen that milky white residue coming down lots of times.
    Normally this has not been a problem - we prime the customer for these possibilities. Wooden frames with flaky paint, metal frames where the frame and paint react to create this powder residue.
    If it doesn't happen great, if it does well we did say.
    Normally it has settled down for us but your example clearly was of another order.
    What we would have done would have to have left it. Let it dry and then come back and done a traditional clean to get rid of the residue on the glass. Everyone is happy then.
    If it was a really worth while clean we might have had another go, especially as our first clean plus the rain could have got rid of the bulk of the stuff.
    If not we would have had to decide whether we were going to traditional cleaning or just pass on the job.
    We don't do many traditional cleans but some customers really don't want the poles so if we are in the street we usually will rather take the job and the money than pass.
    One of the lads likes doing traditional cleans over poles so it isn't a problem really.