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micro fibre cloths and scratches


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South Wingfield
I noticed this yesterday in the bright sunshine and have noticed it before. Sometimes when detailing with micro fibre cloths, they appear to leave small scratch marks on the glass. These marks arent scratches as they can be rubbed off, but why do they appear. I think it may be when I am applying too much preasure. My worry is, that if I dont spot them, customers will think their windows are scratched. I use Unger Micro fibres...does anyone else experience this?. I am thinking of giving scrim a try.



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Greenock, Scotland
I did start using microfibres until another window cleaner recommended that I try using scrims. In comparison, I found that scrims, don't get as saturated in water as microfibres do. Microfibres, act like more of a sponge in my opinion. But when it comes to detailing, this can be bad, because if you are using a damp microfibre, you will get marks around the edges, and as the moisture left on the glass, begins to evaporate.

I would say, that scrims do a better job on this front, as it is easier to see a dry area of the scrim, but with a microfibre you really have to feel it. Where as with scrims, they go an obvious dark brown when wet.

Might not be the problem you are having, just a theory. but I would definitely recommend that you give scrims a go.



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mite have to do scrims myself very rare but sometimes the micro cloths leave that milky looking line after detailing.

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