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Microbore Flow

Matty H

So finally converted to microbore now - used it for the first time today. For anybody that used to run 15mm and changed over I did notice the following:

Much easier to drag around corners etc nicer to work with and no more lumpy brass fitting that weighs a ton lol - got the ez snap fittings /emoticons/smile.png

I did find that 100m of 6mm needs a higher setting on the flow controller than 50m of 15mm to get same flow out of brush - I would have thought a smaller bore would have been the other way around? Did anybody else experience this since they switched?

Brand new SLX22 on the microbre was sheer heaven lol /emoticons/smile.png



I use 6mm and is great

got to keep my veristream on setting 4 tho for a proper rinse but can do it on 3 if things are a bit tight lol

slx i want one lol /emoticons/smile.png

Havent used anything other than my existing minibore (8mm), heard stories of it putting extra strain going smaller, but this is OK.

Now how to stop the damned thing from kinking and catching on car tyres!

Be interesting to have a day with micro bore to compare....

I have my varistream on speed 4 pressure 6 i think, had to increase it to this during winter with slow flow.....and left it higher now.


mark m

Well-known member
I use microbore 8mm and as for kinking i just bite your lip i have tried them all its always is going to happen but i find it the best of the bunch i also am on varistream speed 4


Matty H

cool, and it works? are they heavy? anybody use these, or are they too much hassle?
Light enough mate as they are hollow underneath just drop it by relevant obstacle as you are dragging hose to job - they work a treat /emoticons/smile.png

I had 3 but left one somewhere lol

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