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Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by mark, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. mark

    mark Guest

    Quite new to the window cleaning game,6 months in and had my first moaning customer when i went to collect my money.
    Ive cleaned her windows once before 10 weeks ago, small bungalow with leaded windows,wiped down frames front and back door and charged her £10 for roughly 35 mins.
    Oh dear, come to collect this time and im faced with ive never payed £10 before!im not paying that, the window cleaner before you only used to charge me £6.Which i explained is the reason she no longer had a window cleaner and that the first time she was quite happy to pay the £10.We parted company with my £10 in my back pocket and reluctantly on my part going back again in 8 weeks.
    I suppose in this game you cant keep everybody happy.
    Does anyone else wipe the doors and frames down as part of the price or when you quote do you quote for windows only.
  2. i quote higher than average but i offer a better service than most window cleaners. i clean all frames as standard, you will always find that you get the odd customer who can't be satisfied, my advice drop them and move on without a second thought as they will never be happy, the whole point is to buildd a quality run with customers who appreciate the service you provide. constantly taking **** from people is for the employed not the self employed thats why we all started out on our own in the first place to make money have flexibility in our working hours be our own boss and not have to take unjustified **** from anyone.
  3. MathewL

    MathewL Guest

    I also quote higher than normal so if the customer starts to bargain Or whatever you wanna call it, i can get the desired money.


    Jul 25, 2011
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    drop her is my advice.

    i dont do frames unless they ask then i charge same price again so £7 for glass if both £ on the ladder.

    I couldnt agree more with col this is the main reason i set up for my self as i cant stand people telling me this and that and getting sh1t all day of some rat.i make my money and get home im home half the time love it.wish id have done it 10 year ago.