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mark m

Well-known member
Morning or Good ***ht not sure what but not looking forward to my head when i wake up /emoticons/wink.png;)



morning how u feeling dude got much on today

iv got a day of f1 and relax the way a sunday should be :]

and clean the car and van



Well i do drink, but i know when to stop!.

I was tickety boo when i got up today!, had brekkie then went round to asda to do the weeks shopping at 8.45am. Home by 10, put away shopping, and went out on the bike for a short (15 miles), but enjoyable run around the town and out into the country a little. Home by 11.45, had dinner, fixed the youngest sons bike, and i will shortly be walking down to morrisons to get a couple of things i cant get at asda. Then i will relax a little before making supper. After supper, not sure, might go out for a walk with a pal!.

But hey, next week looking good weather wise, think dhorts will have to be on the agenda!, yipee!!.

Its all good! :)

In case you hadnt guessed, dhorts are shorts, doh!

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