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Motivation help thread!


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Need help getting up today and going to work?

This thread idea was thought of a while ago by myself and a recent thread reminded me.

As 90% of us are self employed it's all down to us to motivate ourselves and keep our work and livelyhoods going, but it can be hard. So in this thread everyone on any given morning can express their desire to not work, or can gee others on to a good days work.

I myself have to be up at 5 tomorrow, and I know I really won;t want to get up and will make excuses to give it another half hour, yet other days I wake up with 'get up and go'.

Tomorrow around 7.30 I will already be at work, but if anyone feels like they need a kick up the backside and reality check tomorrow, tune in for a reassuring motivational boost, as I'll be trying to motivate others and will post tomorrow hehe.

I know guys, the favour will most likely be returned A LOT! lol



If you need to be up at 5am you need to be in bed early ***ht before, not on computer until mid***ht (check time of posting).

Motivation can be a real problem though. I can lose heart when it rains (like now). I try to focus on something I've been meaning to do so as to make use of any down time.



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Lol was meant to post something encouraging but didn't happen. As the job took 45minutes longer than expected. Still worth it though.

Who managed to work today then?

It rained here til about an hour ago, at which point I'd already started another task.



Staff member
like this often i think maybe i will just push my jobs on.a day or to and have a day off need to kick ouselves up the **** sometimes.

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