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How does everyone keep motivated?

When I was setting things up I was really full on and couldnt do enough but for some reason the enthusiasm seems to have just drained from me the past month or so.

Normally im the kind fo person that does lose interest after a period of time but obviously this is my life now so cant afford to do it!!



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Maybe take a week off work and come back to it,having no money and being behind is a great motivator.

Small rewards,set daily weekly and monthly targets and when you hit that target have a small reward.

It is hard to get motivated in the winter when mornings are dark and maybe novelty of running your own business is worn off but keep at it or all your hard work will go down the drain



Ah Grasshopper!

life is like flying a plane. You do all your pre-flight checks, line up on the runway and look at the wide blue yonder! To get there you push the throttles WIDE open 100%!! You charge down the runway waiting for lift off and then you're up there. Climbing higher and higher. You reach cruising al***ude and then you can throttle back to maybe 60% and enjoy the ride. Success!

The other scenario is that you line up for take off and instead of 100% throttle, it's only 50 or 60%. Heading down the runway you suddenly see the end! Not enough speed, You're gonna crash! Quick, throttle off, apply the brakes, turn off the runway.

Get a different plane, different runway, different destination. Unless you give full throttle commitment it will always be a struggle. In time it becomes easier and then you can cruise, enjoy the ride. Maybe it's "only" window cleaning but it can be a great way of earning a living.

Have fun, enjoy the customers, earn some money.

Another thing about w/cleaning, you can sometimes have to much time to think about a load of old nonsense !! ;-)

I think I need a beer now



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This reminds me, as working solely on my own this year has been hard, especially in the motivation sense.

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