My Mate Just Bought A Takeaway

Discussion in 'Advertising Offline/Online & Canvassing' started by harunh, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. harunh

    harunh Legend

    Feb 16, 2012
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    a very busy takeaway he just toke over hes shut it down redoing it up... and getting new signage etc :p i said ill maintain it for u etc he goes oh do u do signs ? i never knew that i go yeah course i do mate he goes to me i might have a few big jobs their for u ... like big factories etc i go yeah let me no mate ill take em on etc :)

    but ive 13 commercial jobs now :) and about 10 of them are small shops like takeaways etc... the way im going i can see myself having about 50 :p

    i got a new pharcmacy the other day aswell by walking in and just asking :D a lot of shopfronts are proving to be really good for me :)

    i got a row of 4 high street shops all next door to eachother aswell :p lol

    this is just the start :p
  2. Belfastcleaning

    Belfastcleaning Grand Master

    Mar 31, 2012
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    Your going to the top big h and I don't mean tr top of the ladder! Soon you'll have loads of little hs working for you
  3. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Loads of little H's :eek: don't tell them about WCF lol
  4. Masons

    Masons Guru

    Oct 18, 2011
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    And I go and he said and I told him and he goes.

    Very good H, you're proving to be an example to all the newbies.

    Keep it up.