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Need help with understanding WFP


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Hi guys, basically I had my heart set on being a traditional window cleaner and didnt give WFP the time of day, however I did some ladder training at my grandfathers and I found i was no good up a ladder, have a mild fear of heights but I thought I would be able to overcome this, I couldn't lol.

So anyway I now want to do WFP, but a few things I dont fully understand.

Can you keep a water tank at home, purify the water there and then transfer it smaller tanks for a trolley system?

If to do above, will you need a outside garden hose to fill the tank?

Do you need a pump in the big water tank to transfer the pure water to the smaller tanks? and then a pump in the small tank on the trolley to deliver it up the pole/brush?

For the pure water do you need a filter system, a reading system for ppm, and then a pump to transfer it? are these all run by battery not plugged in?

Thanks for any help, probably some more Q's i forget as well.




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i doubt you'll get away with just di in yorkshire unless your very north, even if it's soft water the minerals in the soil come into play, i spoke to a windy in flamborough where the waters softish and was a tad surprised he needed ro.

you don't need a bilge pump to transfer-just raise the ibc about 2 thirds up the cage, prop it with 2x4's, put a 90 bend on the outlet and let gravity do the rest



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I am in Cornwall and my water is between 80-90 my system is di only as I didn't want to faf with to, waist water etc.

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I agree with James, if your just starting out it would be far cheaper and easier to just use Di. You can always add an RO later but I doubt you would need to.

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depends if on water meter too. RO's tend to waste a lot of water, u also need good water pressure (I bought a gauge off eBay for a tenner to check, it varies even from road to road depending on how hilly where u are).

RO will work out cheaper I think if use a lot of water, but if just doing tops prob easier to just use Di instead as above, certainly to start, can always get RO later on.

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