Negative Vibes....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by rjacandwc, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. rjacandwc

    rjacandwc Well-Known Member

    Dec 18, 2011
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    How do we as Window Cleaner deal with negative vibes????

    I am new to the game and started back in July... I have done really well so far and built my customer base up to 100 customers and still work full-time. I am really busy. But. i keep putting my best foot forward and crack on with it.

    Although, I have suffered a roller-coaster of emotion...

    Since starting. most of the time it is all about progression. The buzz I get when I get a new customer is exciting and once i am past that horrific first clean I feel like I am on to a winner.

    But. things sometimes happen that really P me off!!!!

    Yesterday a customer said she wanted them done every bi-month rather than monthly.

    and people I talk to all seem so negative these days... Even family... You know all the usual stuff... I would rather have moral support that listen to a waste of chat!...

    How to you all deal with these silly little things that quite honestly P me off???
  2. as for the bi monthly thing, not a lot you can do about it some customers just want this, rather that than not having the job at all though. As for negative people unfortunatley its impossible to avoid these type of people all you can do is limit the amount of time you spend with negative people and stay laser focused on your own ambitions and goals. There is a documentory calle "the secret" avaialable, you can download it at its worth a watch, i think it will help you out. There is also a good wee book out i keep a copy of it by my bed its called "don't sweat the small stuff, and its all small stuff" great wee book with lots of practical very handy advice. I try and live by it anyways both the documentory and book are worth having.

  3. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    Listen to doctor Col, he knows what he is on about, i think we should rename him 'yoda of the windows'!.

    Dealing with negativity is something you just have to come to terms with in whichever manner you find most effective, but like Col says, spending as little time as possible with negative people is a good place to start. If that is out of the question, try to always be cheerful and upbeat, you never know, it may rub off on those you are refering to!.

    With regards to customers, you just have to deal with it im afraid. I have had a few recently ask to go bi-monthly, but as long as i have other customers nearby (so i will be in the area anyway), i dont really mind. If it was an isolated house, away from any other customers (i have a few), i may stop doing it, as it might not be worth the bother to keep on doing it. But the bottom line is, despite the recession, i am still taking on way more work than i am losing, so as long as the balance stays like that, i'm happy!.

    Chin up! :)
  4. laddergarder


    Nov 29, 2011
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    People can be negative for a number of reasons, and I bet most of the time, it is nothing personal. They might just have some other stuff going on at that point in time. Just work away, as long as they are good payers, they can be grumpy all they want.

    I have a few customers that just seems to be moody people, they don't complain or anything like that, just broody and act like life is a burden. Sometimes I guess it is just down to there type of persona.

    As for 8 weekly customers, we dont do them. I do have some bi-monthly that I have had for a few years now, but about a year and a half ago we just decided that it was better to refuse.

    I look at it like, if it wasn't for other 4 weekly customers, I wouldn't drive out to them, as it wouldn't be worth my while. If all my customers decided to go 8 weekly, I would have to start paying off staff. They also take longer to do as they are much muckier.

    I have heard of many window cleaners adjusting the price for 8 weekly customers to take this into account.

    Over the last year and a half it has worked quite well, probably about 90% of customers who have asked for 8 weekly cleans, have accepted 4 weekly cleans, when we have told them that we only work on a 4 weekly basis.

    Another reason to help justify this to customers is that if you have the staff to complete all your customers in one month, then 25% don't want to be done one month, then you are over staffed and loosing money.

    We have also had some customers asking to be changed to 8 weekly to safe some money who have stuck to the 4 weekly cycle, when we have told them that we are unable to offer this.

    Each to there own though, this is just what has worked for us. If I was starting out I don't think I would be as confident to stick to my guns, but if I knew what I know now, I would stick to my guns and tell them we work on a 4 weekly basis and cant offer alternative cycles.

    We also refuse one off cleans as well point blank. We don't want to be running late to customers, because of one or two customers that only wants there windows done once or twice a year.

    We just asked straight out when we give a quote, "are you ok for us to clean your windows each month with your neighbours". If they say they just want it done the once, We just tell them, sorry but its not worth our while.
  5. neil_09

    neil_09 Guest

    This may have bin said befor, but i get afew negative remarks.
    "oh sorry to here ur a window cleaner"
    " oh is there not another job u can do"
    But due to most of my mates bein window cleaners i dont get it much.
    But i say
    "yer it pays the bills"
    But infact i have a very nice lifestyle.
    Im 23 im selfemployed and bring in more money than my sister whos got a levels n stuff comin out of her ears. N works 3 times the hours.
    So let them think its a **** job.
    Coz if everyone new how good it is theyd all be doin it.
    Iv done it 6 years now and im well chuffed.
    I have a nice van
    Movin into my own house in march.
    Its as hard or as easy as you make it.

    Good luck with it mate
  6. laddergarder


    Nov 29, 2011
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    There is a kind of negative cogitation around window cleaning, but mostly from people who are ignorant to the potential and lifestyle the job offers. I used to be a floor manager for a local shop before cleaning windows, and now I wouldn't take a job like that if they offered me double the wage, in fact even if they offered the the wage make now I would still say no. I am my own boss and make my own decisions with the business, instead of having to implement some else bad decisions. I work the hours I want, and its is me who gets the rewards for my efforts, not someone else.
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