New System - Part 2 with Pics! (hopefully)

Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning' started by MyLittleCleaningCompany, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Not sure what was going on with the last thread, as I can't delete it (maybe you can Gav?I'm using tiny pic now not tapatalk) I'm starting a fresh to include a few pics, if they work!

    This is my new system installed by Purefreedom, this wasn't initially what I was going for but thanks to the good advice on this forum this is what I've chosen so thanks people!
    Purefreedom as recommended by your good selves were top blokes who knew their stuff, I gave them a challenge to put this system in a compact Citreon Nemo but they done it and done it well!

    This is my van and kit before I started

    Without all the kit in it

    Hope that works, Im off to go and try it all out.

    Have a good day!

    The inside fully stripped out

    The new painted floor, great stuff but took forever to dry!!

    And finally the new system! Very compact, but can get both reels in and all my stuff. Just about anyway ;)

    The very impressive booster pump
  2. robertscleaning


    Feb 29, 2012
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    Looks good- what size tank is that?
    How long did that paint take to dry?
    And would it rude to ask how much?

    Cheers Robert
  3. Fantastic, it finally worked!!!! It's a 350l tank. The paint took about 2 days to put on. Each coat needed a long time to dry and I put on 3 coats. Then after it needed a further 4 days to properly cure. I ended up putting a heater in the van, if I'd done this from the beginning it would have cut the time in half. The system was a reasonable amount of money. Other companies would have done it a bit cheaper but wouldn't have included the powerful booster pump. And I'm sure if I did a DIY system it would have saved me around a £1000 but I wouldn't have had the tools to remould the chassis as the van is so small and wouldn't been able to have the booster pump I wanted.

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  4. Gav

    Gav Grand Master

    Dec 18, 2010
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    I have now installed forum runner app and giving it a try, see if it is less buggy than tapatalk.
  5. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    Thats a hell of a long time to dry, is that protectakote?. I used that in my van, put two coats on in one day. 1st coat was touch dry after 3 hours, and i fitted the tank the next day. Mind you, it was a very nice day, warm sunny and dry.
  6. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Looking good pal.
  7. [/quote]

    Thats a hell of a long time to dry, is that protectakote?. I used that in my van, put two coats on in one day. 1st coat was touch dry after 3 hours, and i fitted the tank the next day. Mind you, it was a very nice day, warm sunny and dry.

    Thats what I thought! The first coat went on fine and I used a 1l tin, I then put the second coat on 5 hours later but used half a can more. This was at 19:00 when I started, I left it over***ht but due to the weather being cold and the doors shut it was still tacky in the morning. I then put a spot lamp in the van for a few hours till the sun came out and eventually put the third coat on about midday. The following day it was still a little tacky but the day after it was fine if I wanted to put anything on or in it. Good stuff though, worth the wait. Maybe I just used to much???
    Cheers buddy[hr]
    Thanks Gav, going to give that a go.
  8. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    Actually, thinking about it, when i helped a windy pal do the same to his van, he had a bit of bother getting it dry too. We did it on a cold damp evening because that was the only time he could spare, and he ended up having to leave a heater on in the van over***ht to dry the 1st coat, he did 2nd coat himself next morning and it took all of that day to dry, so i think the drying time can vary a lot depending on weather. [hr]
    One other thing, you say you have 2 reels, is that for a 2 man set up?.
  9. Yes it is. There definitely won't be any spare room or weight allowance left!
  10. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    That is what i was thinking. You have a payload of either 660kg (diesel) or 610kg (petrol). You have 350kg of water, a sturdy looking frame, which, if steel, is probably going to be about 50kg, the tank itself will be 15-20kg, you have twin r/o and di + your twin hose reels. So i would guess, with your system, tank full a tank full of water, and all your stuff, you will be looking at 450kg, maybe as much as 500kg. But you and your passenger also come out of the payload, so with the average adult male weighing 85-90kg, that means your 660kg payload, is actually more like 480kg (or 430kg if it's a petrol van).
    I think if i were you, i would get it all loaded up, with the two of you in and head for your nearest weighbridge to check you are not exceeding the van's gvw. It is unlikely that anything would come of your running slightly over, but you never know....!