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Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning' started by jack, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. jack

    jack Guest

    hi, iam new to the furom and new to wfp,i had a traditional round over twenty years ago, i intend to start cleaning first week in december and already have 22 customers booked in. i live in a hard water area and will be cleaning mainly domestic house,s i carn,t decide whether to buy a trolley system or put together my own van system trouble is after doing a lot of reserch on this site and the net i am still undecided what will be best, and dont want to waste money buying stuff that is unsuitable any advice would be apprecaited, also i can get a 1000l ibc for free could i incorparate this in my set up to save money,thank,s jack.
  2. Hi Jack, going WFP is a reasonable idea. Starting in winter is brave, but stick with it as when people see you braving the winter weather they appreciate it.

    With regards to systems....Depends how committed to going WFP you are. If your only gonna try it and see if its for you, then get either a back pack or a trolley and a mega cheap pole and see how you get on (try buying water rather than investing in a filtration kit) Give it a few weeks of use, as when you start you'll have no idea what you are doing. Try going out with a window cleaner that uses it and have a go.


    If your sure its the way you wanna go, then invest in a van system. Dont faf around with a trolley if you want a proper set up. You could build your own system in a van for around £1000 or try getting a kit from Pure Freedom or something. Wouldn't do Brodex as it can be a pain. If you fit the system you know how it works and if anything breaks you will be able to figure out how to resolve it. 1000l tank would be good for a storage tank for pure water in the garden.

    If you want any other advise on systems/poles etc, just give me a bell and I'll be happy to help.

    All the best on your decision making :)
  3. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    Hey jack, i have been cleaning windows with a van based system for 2.5 years now, and i have never felt a trolley system would be better for me, but of course i may change my mind if i ever tried one!. My round in north east scotland covers a lot of miles, and i dont have any areas where parking/vehicle access could be a problem, so for me the van system seems the best option. Your needs may well be such that a trolley would be best. Either way, i would suggest you leave the ibc well alone, thats a ton of water sloshing about, in a fairly upright tank shape (high centre of gravity), with no baffles, not good in a van!. Also for that much weight, you would need a van with a big payload, i would say 1400kg+, so it wont be economical to run. If the cost of a proper tank is too much, see if you can scrounge a couple of 200l drums from a garage or transport yard, my brother is a mobile valeter and that is what he uses. If you use a variflo pump controller, you should easy manage on 400l per day, certainly to start with. I use a proper baffled 500l tank with 100m of microbore mounted in a ford transit connect, and it suits me fine. Once you have built your round up, if you feel you need more water capacity, just get another drum.