Newbie Buying a Round

Discussion in 'Advertising Offline/Online & Canvassing' started by Bedazzled, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. Bedazzled

    Bedazzled Newcomer

    Apr 2, 2014
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    After a break of 17 years I have decided to go back to window cleaning.
    I am meeting a guy tomorrow, who has a round for sale in my local town centre. The work is shops and pays about £300 per month.

    Please can anyone offer advice on what would be a going rate for this work, questions to ask etc. Anything you can think of to avoid getting ripped off etc.
    Many Thanks.
  2. sdrah

    sdrah Guest

    I would pay 3-5 cleans if the round is well established and was worked by the same company / person for at least 2-3 years .
    otherwise 2 cleans maximum - thats from my own experience I bought a round pretty cheap and I lost 55% of it cos was only 1 yr old - and I have bought another round which I paid 5 cleans , a good one and I didn't lose any customers at all
  3. mr shine

    mr shine Guru

    Dec 9, 2011
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    i suppose it depends on how well the work is priced and how long is he doing them , also can you trust him . lately you read a lot of canvassers selling work that hasnt been cleaned and lads getting stung , personally id want something in writing to cover myself
  4. cheapncheerful


    Jan 31, 2014
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    welcome Bedazzled , yes me just back from a break of five years which turned out to be ten years .....but it never goes away if its in your far as buying a round ...commercial work is different from private ...and i have only worked on private so cant advise i used to sell at about three times face value but it does of course depend on how good how long done etc...most windys selling will let you work with them on the round before a deal is struck and that is probably the best way, me i sold it cheap to get rid off fast as i couldn't keep up and once its gone it felt great....until of course it built up again...:)