nice little canvass today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by BenjiRixon, Oct 20, 2015.

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  1. BenjiRixon

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    Feb 15, 2015
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    well went canvassing today............. found a lovely village a good few dirty windows but also some clean ones too. This village has it all....... big big houses with huge glass fronts to little council houses and small bungalows and everything inbetween.

    Anyways hopped out the van bout half ten after stuffing the face with a greggs breakfast roll and a coffee...... few big hits on my vape and off too section 1...... nice £25-30 houses and all quite dirty........... big smile on here we go.......:D

    house 1 - no answer, no probs next house....... we got one (in my head im thinking bullshit) next one, sees me but refuses to answer maybe because i got clip board in hand? next one - no thanks, next one - got one, next one - slams door in face saying i cant talk to you im on the phone !!! wtf?? in fact the next 10 houses all no go :thumbsdown: :turd:

    Got back in the van all p1ssed off thinking feck this, this is sh1t ! then looked at clock and realise its only half 11, so start telling myself nevermind getting even closer too a yes now, gotta keep going..... how else am i gonna get a round, i gotta do it.

    section 2 - 18 nice new style 3 bed semis in a cauldisac sorta area - start knocking and start getting yes please yes please yes please ! happy days, out a few that answered i managed to get 5 on board, so starting to feel good. :p

    section 3 - 18 old style 3 bed semis knock knock knock half of them all no ! apart from 1 even tho its ten yards from last cauldisac ....... very strange

    anyways sacked it all off as was lunch time and went home to have a cuppa.

    went back to section 2 at 4.00pm and managed to bag 3 more yes's from the ones that werent in before so was buzzing! recanvassed the no answers at section 3 and again all no joy and the one i did have on board cancelled lol.

    had a quick knock on main street leading out and bagged another 2 so all in all a pretty good days canvassing even tho it started with lots of no's which was hard to bounce back from but ended with a good days work in a small section of a big big village, just gotta find those hot spots and work each section bit by bit. so even tho its autumn its still fair game and still do-able :)
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    Jan 20, 2015
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