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Pressure washer oil


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Ive got 5-30 oil in shed for my van will that be ok or best to stick with 10-30  View attachment 23306
Although you might thing 5-30 is better as it's thinner at low temps the engine will have been designed with a specific grade of oil and operating temps in mind. So always best to get same viscosity as recommended plus if they spec a APi grade meet or exceed that as well. 

Just noticed they quote APi SE or SF. So get at least that if not better i.e. SG, SH etc.... S = Spark ignition and higher letter better. For info APi CD, CE etc means Compression Ignition (Diesel) then higher letter better. Don't be conned into a 'semi synthetic' they are a waste of money, Fully synthetic are not a waste of money especially if you have a turbo!!!

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