Public liability Insurance

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by Browntea, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. Browntea

    Browntea Guest

    Hi folks,

    I'm new here and thinking about starting a round in the YO18 area,

    I've lurked on the forum for a while now but have not seen many posts on PL insurance, my question is do we have to have it? I know it would be wise to but could I get away with it short term....?

    Any more start up tips very welcome indeed

    Thanks for your help
  2. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    No, its not worth the risk, if something happens, you could find youself well and truly up that brown smelly creek with no paddle!. It isnt expensive, at least not for wfp, which is what i do. If memory serves i paid about £65 last renewal, for £1,000,000 cover.
  3. Browntea

    Browntea Guest

    Could I ask what company you use?
  4. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    I cant remember for certain without asking the boss (the wife!) to look it up in my paperwork, but im pretty sure the company is called ceta. If you go to you will find a listing just for insurance providers, thats where i went to start with. But bear in mind, if you are doing traditional window cleaning, i think it is more expensive.
  5. In Scotland we have to be licenced. In order to get a licence one of the criteria we need is a minimum of 5 millon pounds with of liability insurance. Mine is £16 per month for one person then each additional person is £6 extra thats through simply business. However thats using wfp method and some companies won't touch you until you have at least three years experience. Defo get some though if you hurt someone by mistake whilst working and your not insured you are up **** creek big time.
  6. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    Hey Col, i dont know where in scotland you are, but things seem to be a little more laid back here in the north east!. I have a licence myself, but i have been told that many other windys dont bother getting one. I simply filled in a form, sent it away with a photo and the fee, cant remember what it was, but i think it was about £50. The licence is valid for 3 years, but there was no mention of whether or not i had PL insurance. The guy who trained me said 1 million would be fine for doing houses, but a business may require me to have 5. My license runs out in may, and i will be renewing it, so i will find out then if things have changed!.
  7. maximus

    maximus Guest

    I have insurance through simply business and I only pay £80 for £5 million public liability, for the year. I havent had to use it yet-so Im not sure how good they are at paying out! i havent got personnel/accident insurance yet though-it all seems too expensive and doesnt pay out enough-anyone know any good ones?
  8. Browntea

    Browntea Guest

    thanks guys for the replys :)
  9. Masons

    Masons Guru

    Oct 18, 2011
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    I'd check out Hiscox Insurance.
    I pay £200 a year for 5million, but unlike a lot of suckers I'm insured for damaging work I am working on, most window cleaners don't look through their policy and get stuck paying for things they break on the job they shouldn't have to.
    And i'm also insured for cleaning multiple things, as I do any exterior cleaning and a lot of interior, I just checked, I pay £291 a year.
    I do wonder how people think they are covered for every eventuality of breakages/damages at work and expect it all to be covered for less than £100 :|
  10. im defo covered for damage to custtomers property thtas a must id say