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Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning' started by Mister Brightside, Jan 23, 2016.

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  1. Mister Brightside


    Jan 23, 2016
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    Hi all. I've just had to do a refit on my van mounted system. I've moved my pump, disconnected it from the flow controller and re-connected it at the other end of the van, but I've done it tired and a little confused. I've connected the top two wires from the pump to the flow controller, but I haven't connected the bottom two, which (forgive my lack of terminology) presumably control something that would shut off the pump when the pressure backs up.

    So, without those two wires being connected to anything, it would appear that the pump will run and run, and if my pole hose tap is switched off, presumably this will blow the connectors off.

    So, how do I connect the bottom part of the pump to some sort of power source? I've attached a pic that will hopefully provide more details.

    Thanks in advance.[​IMG]
  2. spruce

    spruce Grand Master

    Jun 4, 2012
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    So to add a little more detail;

    The 'loose' wires are to and from the pressure switch. Split the brown wire from the connector you coupled to the orange wire going into the motor. Now one of your 'loose' wires goes to the brown wire and the other 'loose' wire goes into the motor.

    TBH the pump should work fine the way you have connected it. The controller will cut the pump when you close the tap provided you calibrate it properly.

    Spring make the majority of controllers for the w/c industry. They like you to include the pressure switch as a backup. Varistream who are another controller manufacturer instruct you to bypass the pressure switch.