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putting di vessel on to a trolley


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could i jsut get a di vessel and fit it to any trolley? aslong as i have all the right equipment connected properly?

Will it purify my water within 2 minutes ?

cos i dont want to purify it at home ect... its a headache !

id rather just swap containers... and wait for a few minutes till its purified then off i go !

thank you lads



Hi Harunh, yes you can if you have all the right equipment. Battery, pump etc. I would find out water your water TDS is as if it's too high you should stick it through an RO.

I do actually have a trolley for sale so check it out in the "for sale section" or there's loads on eBay.

You can technically put any water through it but it will kill your resin if the water is very hard. J

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Yes you can add it to a trolly and just put Tap water in your containers and it will purify as you go.

You are in a soft water area??



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Yeah of course am in a soft water area /emoticons/smile.png i need resin only.

So i just buy any trolley then all i need is the right connectors.... ect...

howcome some di vessels are small ( black ) and the other ones are blue ?

less capacity ?

how long does resin last for ? U just stock up on tulsion resin right ?

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