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Really need ur help on this lads...


Just fitted my van system this weekend and this morning.

I'm using a digital flow controller with built in split charge relay.

When I started the van to test it works, the controller displays 'CHG' which shows it's charging from my van battery.

But when I turn off the engine, the CHG stays on...when it should turn off.

Then, if I turn my ignition 2 clicks (not turn on engine just ignition for radio to come on etc), the controller turns off.

Anyone had same or know what's wrong?

This is driving me mad, and if I just turn my engine off and walk in the house, I'm gonna end up with a flat van battery.




mr shine

Well-known member
i had a fault on a transit connect and i found a forum for the connect and i got it sorted fast maybe you could just google your van type and hopefully you will find a van forum that can help



Cheers lads I managed to get hold of company I bought it from & long story short, it's ok.

They say it should go off after a bit, and even if it says it's still charging, it's not taking a draw from the van. So should be ok. Phew.

Thanks for replies guys.

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