Ro di system 2500 gpd help

Discussion in 'Tutorials & DIY' started by Mega shine, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. Mega shine

    Mega shine Guest

    Hi all I'm just after some help I've built my own 1000 litre pure water system as follows ,
    3 x 20" pre filters , sediment , solid carbon , granulated carbon
    1 x 10x17 19ltr di vessel filled with 115b resin
    1 x 40" champion ro unit with hf5 2500gpd membrane filter
    Fitted to a 1000 ltr ibc container
    What I want to know is what size flow restrictor I need for this setup bearing in mind it's all plumbed in with 3/4" hose pipe all round and were I can purchase it and also I need a electric shut off for this set up that fits the 3/4" hose pipe.
    Any hints on the best way to plumb all this together ie which way to put filters and hoses for best results would be much appreciated cheers
  2. spruce

    spruce Grand Master

    Jun 4, 2012
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    I appreciate that as this thread is about 5 months old, you must have got yourself sorted by now.

    Re: Restrictor.

    Alex Gardiner sells an R/O tap that is designed for a 4040 R/O

    He also has the hose and connectors to fit it to your 4040 housing waste outlet.

    He also has a self help video where he fits a tap to their EZ Pure R/O systems. The process is the same.

    Pure Freedom use a brass gate valve as their restrictor. I understand that they have drilled a 1mm hole through the gate of the valve so when fully closed enough water 'escapes' through the valve to create a correct ratio of 1:1 waste to pure. Open the gate valve fully - you have flush mode and close it fully and you have processing mode.

    Electric shut/off

    Our water inlet is fitted with an on/off tap and then a "Normally Off" 230 volt solenoid valve. (normally off means that without power to the coil the valve is in the off position and won't let any water through.) We have a float valve in the IBC tank which operates when the water level drops below 700 liters and switches off once its full. (Its a float valve bought from Machine Mart. They sell them as float valves to operate submersible pumps, but they can also be wired to work the other way.) You will also be able to buy a side operated float valve that operates a microswitch which will do the same thing. (230v solenoid valves are a little expensive but ours has worked faultlessly for about 4 years.) Some have bought on/off solenoid valves from a washing machine and fitted those as they are much cheaper, but they need to be housed properly as you are dealing with a harmful mixture of water and electricity. Some have also got 12v solenoid valves and operate them from a normal car battery which they recharge every couple of weeks.