Discussion in 'Window Cleaning Business For Sale' started by Kips, Aug 11, 2015.

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  1. Kips

    Kips Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2012
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    PRICE: CIRCA £5,000

    DESCRIPTION: I've recently done my back in, again, after having problems with it for the last 3 years. I'm only 33, but it's an old injury that's going to get worse, not better, as I get older, so i've decided to knock the window cleaning on the head and find something a bit easier on my back.

    To that end, i'm now looking to either sell or lease my round.

    There's about £500 a month of work, (which could be done in a week or just over if you 9 to 5'd it, I only did half days a few days a week) and it's all fairly close together, based in King's Lynn, Terrington St Clement and Pentney. Yearly it works out to much more than that though because i'm always being asked to do conny roof cleans, gutter cleans, insides as a one off, etc - all the usual extras.

    I've targeted nice, affluent areas so there's no **** estates where your car will get robbed, and they're all good payers, either cash or online - once in a blue moon I get a cheque but not often. All the work is very well priced, the lowest paying job is £10 for a small house, the highest is £65 a month for a large house, but my minimum price has been £12 for quite a while now so there are very few lower than that, just the odd one here or there i've been doing for ages that I hadn't put up yet.

    I also have a trolley system, a backpack, 1 phoenix pole, 1 harris/converted wfp pole (both with brushes), an RO system and many many barrels for use with the trolley system. Basically it's a bolt on expansion to an existing business or a ready made startup for someone looking to get into the trade.

    I've been told I should sell it for 10x what it's worth so that would be 5k, I'm open to offers around that mark or leasing offers.

    LOCATION: King's Lynn, Pentney, Terrington St. Clement, Middleton

    PICTURES: Don't be silly ;)
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