Sold Round in Perthshire - £4000

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning Business For Sale' started by windowsurfer, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. windowsurfer

    windowsurfer Forum Addict

    Apr 30, 2014
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    This is a great round in a lovely area to work, Most of the round is north of Perth up to Dunkeld. Round includes mostly 4 weekly work (approx £1115), including 8 weekly it makes (approx £1370) and including 3 monthly two large houses it makes (approx £1580).
    Round would suit someone that uses both water fed pole (maximum 25ft, not often fully extended) and traditional methods, as I wfp tops and trad bottoms, also some properties have dormer windows and velux windows. Ladder work is requested on large estate house, also require ladder for roof access on two properties. 4 weekly work takes around 8-9 days, 8 weekly work is in areas already worked in, so is worked into schedule, 12 weekly work takes a day.

    Work consists of large private houses, council type houses, bungalows and country estate houses, nice areas to work.

    All good payers with not much collecting at all, or just collected on following clean or if working in area, some customers send cheque if not in.

    The round was done previously by a traditional window cleaner.

    My day is between 9-5 mostly and average £140, but i'm a steady plodder. I think a good traditional window cleaner would be faster than me. My customers expect frames and sills to be cleaned, so a thorough job is done, they are good people and most are retired, so they are in mostly for collection.

    In one area there are 36 houses, includes 8 oap n bungalows and one care home, about 28 council houses mostly £6, but 3 at £7, oap homes £5, bungalows £6-12 brings in £278, all in close proximity. 2 days- Next area 10 mins away
    Other area is all in same area 6 bungalows cheapest £8 up to £25 for - houses £17-30, 8 weekly is £40- if all done £478, this takes approx 3 days,
    8 houses in Perth £7 and lower flat £6- 3 hours
    Country estate house £90 and office £18 plus 3 houses, £16, £30, £17 bungalow = £170

    Scone is £96 of work, but is mostly scattered, 5 houses( 1 lower flat) £6, £8.50, bungalow £10,£12. House £15, bungalow with high conny £14, requested wfp, do this on conny and four other windows, trad the rest. 9-3pm day
    Houses near dunkeld- 4 weekly £70, 8 weekly £60 house( advise wfp) other 8 weekly group of three houses £105, they would prefer traditional method, old house tall windows. Two 3 monthly £110 and roughly £70-80, This area are all close.
    I have 4 council normal houses £10 each and one bungalow £7 in other area, but on road near other areas.

    Price: £4000 based on approx average per month over the year