Shop window pricing?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by SafeReach, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. SafeReach

    SafeReach Guest

    Hi there all.
    I'm very new to this window cleaning lark and am glad to see this forum online.
    I only have 12 customers at the mo and I want to get into shop front window cleaning.
    Im a WFP'ler so only looking to get into high street shops not inside centres.
    How much do you charge for shop windows in your area? I'm in Oxfordshire. Also how often do you do them? Every 2 weeks ?
    Any help would be very greatly recieved.
  2. Windowwhiz

    Windowwhiz Guest

    We do only a few shops every 2 weeks and prices are higher than houses but not loads.

    You are trying to get into a very sort after commodity and most window cleaners would rather lose their front teeth than their shops.

    I'd suggest having some shops and some houses as I very much doubt you'll get enough work in your area from just shop fronts.

  3. SafeReach

    SafeReach Guest

    Hi there whiz.
    Thanks for reply.
    I have some residential work already that I do weekends and evening but was looking for some early morning work. I have a day job but it's not paying the bills anymore so have taken up window cleaning as well.

    How much would you charge for a shop with two windows of about 3metre squared each window?
    Safe Jon.
  4. Windowwhiz

    Windowwhiz Guest

    About £6-£7 :D
  5. Gav

    Gav Grand Master

    Dec 18, 2010
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    Yes I would agree with that I have a shop similar but a little smaller and do it for 5 a week
  6. SafeReach

    SafeReach Guest

    Thanks guys.
    That was around the sort of price I was aiming for.
    Nice to see I'm not too out of touch.